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Perfection in the form of mobile

Arubixs was born out of frustration fromĀ a mobile industry whose designs became boringly stagnant, repetitive, lacking innovation and out of the box design. In mid 2014, the first renditions of the Arubixs Portal prototype smartphone were scrapped together using parts from various other phones, meshing the best components available together to create a phone that was durable, ergonomic, and just simply different in the coolest ways possible.

Since then, the concept of a revolutionary, mold breaking new phone has amazed the technology community and helped the Arubixs team magnetically attract some of the worlds most top talent. Today, Arubixs has partnered with some major players and Fortune 50 companies of the mobile empireĀ and is on track to deliver one of the most advanced mobile devices the world has ever seen.


Futuristic soft design conforms for practicality, durability and ergonomics

Water Proof

No longer is your toilet, swimming pool, or beach your phones worst enemy


Cracked screens are now a thing of the past with our flexible poly-carbonate screens and flexible displays


Built for active individuals, people on the go, or for just ease and convenience